Rock climbing in Logarska valley

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Rock climbing in Logarska valley

If you are up to something really unique and special, you should try rock climbing!

It is no difference if you are complete novice or experienced rock climber. There is some really nice sport climbing in the area of Logarska valley, where you can enjoy nice views on the surrounding mountains while pushing your own personal limits and overcomming fear of hights.

This can be a 1/2 –day or a full day adventure in pristine nature for you, your family members, friends or your girlfriend.


The whole trip lasts 4 hour – ½ day and 6-7 hours – full day. You just let me know where you stay and I could pick you up or we meet somewhere in the valley first. Upon arrival on our destination we start with a short safety instructions and equipment check, then we start climbing right away!

After we finish, we can make a stop by beautifull Savinja river, were we refresh ourselves after all hard climbing and enjoy beautifull countryside.

You just have to be careful not to get hooked on climbing because you will want more and more…which on the other hand is not a problem, since mountains are really close and we can easily make some nice climbing trip to the mountains too!

Mountain range: Kamnik – Savinja Alps

Best period: May, June, July, August, September


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Duration: ½ day , full day


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