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There are many options to climb to the top of our highest mountain. If you hire a guide privately you get to choose which option we will take. The easiest way ascents Triglav from Krma valley. There is still almost 2000 meters of height difference, but only 400 meters of via ferata in this option. The hardest one goes on one of the via feratas from Vrata valley. Again there is almost 2000 meters of height difference and there can be around 1500 on via ferata. The third option is over the seven lakes, it can also be called the way with the best sights. That is the longest one of the three, but the landscape is the most diverse.

The first two can be done in a day if you feel like you are superfit person(level 5 on scale 1-5 in endurance) The price in that case is 300€ for one person and 400€ for two persons.

However I suggest all my guests to take at least two days to climb Triglav. The price for two days is 450€ for one person, 500€ for two persons and 200€ per person for three or more guests.

We can also take three days to climb it and combine the hardest way with the way with the best sighs or something else. The price for three days is 650€ for one person, 750€ for two guests and 300€ per person for three or more guests.

The price includes guiding, one transport, technical equipment rental and costs of the guide on the huts.

On all the climbs there is additional cost of food and accommodation on the mountain, which is around 50€ per person per night.

If our starting and finishing point are in a different valley there is cost of additional transfer, which varies between 20-70€, depending on how far apart our starting and finishing points are.

You will find equipment list on my Blog.

medium-hard, depending on the route

12-24 hours


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