7 LAKE VALLEY hiking traverse with TRIGLAV CLIMB


Join us in marvelous three day hiking traverse over gorgeous seven lakes valley with climb on  Mount Triglav  2864 m summit which is the highest mountain of Slovenia. It lies in the Julian Alps – Triglav national park. All ascents are led by professional mountain guides.


We start and finish the hike at the same point, in Bohinj area – Blato meadow.  1. day we will sleep in Dolic hut. From there, we’ll go to the top and descend down to Vodnikova hut. In addition, there is via ferata from the hut to the summit of Mount Triglav and from the summit down to Triglavski dom hut. Last day we will hike back to Blato meadow from Vodnikova hut.


From late June till late September.


The trek starts at Blato meadow and ends there too.

  • Day 1:  from Blato meadow 1150m  through seven  lakes valley hut 1685m, over Hribarice pass 2360m to the Dolic hut 2150m. 6-8 h, 900 m height difference up.
  • Day 2:  From Dolic hut 2150m ascent to the top of mount Triglav 2864m and descent to Planika hut 2401m – from where we continue to Konjsko Sedlo 2020m  and Vodnikov dom hut 1817m, where we sleep.  7-9h, 700m height difference up.
  • Day 3: Descent from Vodnikov dom hut  1817m over  Velo polje 1680m and  Jezerski preval 1945m,  Krstenica meadow 1670m to  Blato meadow 1150m, where we started our trek.  4-5h, 300m height difference up.
  • There is a via ferrata just towards the top of Triglav and return.
  • 2 days option: 2 day after Triglav climb  we descend down from Triglavski dom hut 2515m to Krma valley 980m. 9-11h, 700m height difference up and 1800 height difference down.


Julian Alps.


  • Appropriate mountain clothes and shoes, helmet, climbing harness, via ferrata system, backpack and other equipment suggested by guide.
  • Check for the: TRIGLAV EQUIPMENT-ENG-PDF, that you will not forgot something.


Number of participants

Max 5 persons per 1 guide.


Over application form HERE!!!!

INFO: office@kofler-sport.si



triglav 7 lake traverse-koflersport 2-slovenia

7 lake valley hiking traverse starts in the pasture Blato and crossing another pastures like: Pri Jezeru, Dedno polje and Ovčarija.

triglav 7 lake traverse-koflersport 3-slovenia

At the seven lakes valley. 5th nd 6th lake – Double lake with Triglav seven lakes hut in the background.

triglav 7 lake traverse-koflersport 8-slovenia

Mount Triglav 2864m – west wall in evening light. On the way up to Dolič hut.


triglav 7 lake traverse-koflersport 9-slovenia

Walking up from Dolič hut towards via ferrata on western part of Triglav.

triglav 7 lake traverse-koflersport 11-slovenia

Top of Triglav

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