Experience a perfect winter ski touring experience in Triglav National ParkThis 2 day guided tour in the Julian Alps starts at the Vogel Ski Resort and finishes on peaks with stunning views above the Komna plateau. Revel in the uncrowded areas, awesome snow and amazing views, and enjoy good social times in the mountain hut.


Over this two day ski tour you will get acquainted with the various elements of ski touring

  • 2 ski touring tours
  • How to choose the safe way to go uphill and the safe direction to ski down
  • Differences in snow layers
  • Tests for snow cover stability
  • Winter dangers in the mountains
  • Basic protection from snow avalanches
  • Skiing technique


  • Saturday – Sunday, or 2 days midweek depending on your requirements
  • Day one: Vogel 1,510m – Šija 1,880m – Zadnji Vogel mountain pasture 1,424m – Konjsko saddle 1,782m – under Podrta Gora 1,900m – Govnjač mountain pasture 1,474m –  Dom na Komni mountain hut 1,520m
  • Duration: cca 8-9h
  • Ascent: 750m
  • Skiing ascent: 950m
  • Day two: Ski tour in the Komna area of a similar duration and ascent, and skiing as per the previous day


Komna; overnight in the Dom na Komni mountain hut


  • Ski touring equipment – ski tour boots, ski skins, poles, avalanche probe, snow shovel and beacon, warm winter clothing, rucksack
  • Other equipment as suggested by the guide
  • Avalanche probes, snow shovels and beacons and ski touring equipment is available to hire


Number of participants

  • Min. 4, max. 6 persons per guide
  • In cases where there are only 3 people on a tour, the price is 30% higher

Special notes

  • We offer 15% discount for ski tour skis.
  • Permanent participants have 10% discount.
Easy to Moderate

2 days

weekend-ski-touring-julian-alps 4-koflersport

Komna hut with Komna platoue around. The best ski touring hut in Slovenia

weekend-ski-touring-julian-alps 3-koflersport

We are ready to make a ski descend towards Govnjač pasture

weekend-ski-touring-julian-alps 3-koflersport

Powder skiing – first day traversing from Vogel ski resort to Komna hut.

weekend-ski-touring-julian-alps 5-koflersport

Komna platue offers numerous stunning views on Triglav kingdom.

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