10th Lifetime Achievement / Piolets d’Or 2018 Career award
13. 6. 2018
Luka Stražar – new IFMGA mountain guide
1. 9. 2018

Latok I

Aleš Česen, Tom Livingstone and Luka Stražar congratulated for the ascent after seven fairly intense climbing days, under the north wall of Latoka 1 and went to the biscuits.

Latok 1

Latok 1

The ascent on Lathok 1 reached a strong domestic and international publicity. You can find links to some important internet news articles. Aleš and I are IFMGA mountain guides and member of the ZGVS (Slovenian Mountain Guides Association), we are satisfied with the line of the ascent with the Alpine style, with a lot of care for safety and tactical good decitions.







Text & Photos Luka Stražar

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