Dachstein 2016
18. 11. 2016
2017 IFMGA spring general assembly & International mountain guides climbing competition
18. 5. 2017

Entrance exams for new mountain guide candidates

Entrance exams for the new generation of mountain guide candidates (Biro Jože, Dušič Matjaž, Grilj Uroš, Pipenbaher Gorazd, Kalajžič Žiga, and Karlovšek Primož) took place last weekend. The rock-climbing part of the exam was carried out at the crags of Črni Kal, and on Sunday the candidates skied the and climbed one of the icefalls in the Tamar Valley. The candidates will start their training this year with the rock guiding courses.

Text Tadej Debevc & Photos Andrej Štremfelj

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